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Accolade Hounds

Simply, carefully and responsibly placing hounds into homes

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Sponsored Hounds

We rescued two lovely Greyhounds from racing kennels - Stigs and Mickey - who cannot be adopted in the usual way. Stigs will need on-going medical treatment and must continue to have special care and attention to keep him well. Mickey needs to stay in his quiet foster home where he feels safe and secure so he can continue to grow in confidence.

We also have Leo the lurcher. Leo is epileptic so we will be covering the cost of his epilepsy medication for life. Leo is still looking for his adoptive home but we hope to have found one soon.

As a result of their special needs, we will be keeping them both in permanent foster homes and covering their veterinary bills for life. Please support them through our Sponsor-a-Hound Scheme:

  • You can sponsor a hound for as little as £2.00 per month, or an annual payment of £24.00. But you can of course give as much as you like.
  • You will receive a Certificate, an annual update on your sponsor hound’s progress plus a couple of little surprises during the year.  

A Sponsor Hound would make an ideal Valentine or Birthday Present!


LEO came into Accolade Hounds after his owner became unwell. He's settling well in his foster home and currently looking for a forever home as a sponsored Accolade Hounds dog.

This means that we will cover his epilepsy medication for life. If you would like to help us help LEO, you could sponsor him for just £2 or £3 a month - we need 75 sponsors to cover his monthly medication.

If you would like to sponsor Leo please complete this form and return to us at the address given.

Thak You!


One Greyhound that cannot be re-homed is Stigs who lived in kennels for 10.5 years before becoming an Accolade hound. He is such a gentle old chap who loves affection.

Stigs was rescued from a racing kennels with several other elderly Greyhounds and has a serious liver problem which means he cannot have an anaesthetic to be neutered. He needs ongoing special care, so Stigs is now an Accolade Hounds Sponsor Dog.

He will be on medication for the rest of his life. By sponsoring Stigs, you can help us pay his medical bills and ensure that he continues to enjoy the good quality of life he is really beginning to enjoy.

If you would like to sponsor Stigs please complete this form and return to us at the address given.



Another greyhound that needs your support to keep him safe and well is Mickey. We don't know what happened to him in kennels but when Accolade took Mickey into their care they realised just how terrified of life he was. He was a very scared boy which was so sad to see.

Slowly but surely Mickey has gained some confidence and has stopped cowering away from everyone he meets - but he will never be relaxed enough to be adopted into a new environment.

By sponsoring Mickey you can help us keep Mickey happy and healthy in his safe place which he loves so much for the rest of his retirement.

If you would like to sponsor Mickey please complete this form and return to us at the address given.